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Rewarded Video Checklist

This checklist is supposed to help you to take care of all important and relevant settings before going live with your rewarded video placement.
Please go through the list to see if you can check each box. If you can check each box, you are most likely good to go live.

Most Important

  • Your Placement & AdSlot combination is matching your Technical Integration (see technical integration docs)
  • Are you passing an externalIdentifier to the Rewarded Video SDK?
  • Are you using the correct Placement ID?
  • Are you using the correct AdSlot Name to make an ad request?
  • Did you add the ads.txt files to your domain?
  • Did you integrate a CMP?
  • Do you initialize the CMP in all relevant places of your website to pass a user consent to the Rewarded Video SDK?
  • Did you talk to your account manager to finalize the Demand Setup in order to get real ads before you go live?
  • Are callbacks working correctly? Either Client-Side Callbacks or S2S Callbacks. For S2S Callbacks, please also check the "Optional" section.
  • How do you handle "No Fills"? "No Fills" are something entirely normal and the mean that an ad is currently not available for this user, because no advertiser wanted to buy the specific user impression. Integrate Rewarded Video in a way for which a "No Fill" doesn't disturb the user flow.
  • Make sure to not pay users if they didn't watch the videos until the end, otherwise they will exploit the setup to earn coins faster without you getting paid by the advertisers.


  • If you want to payout virtual currency, relying on ayeT's callbacks, did you set the amount of currency paid out to a user per completed view in your AdSlot Settings?
  • If you want to use S2S callbacks, did you enabled "Send S2S Callbacks for Video Views" in your AdSlot settings?
  • Did you add a callback URL to your placement?
  • Did you add all necessary macros to your callback URL in order to pay your users?
  • Are you processing callbacks correctly (responding with http200 to the ayeT-Studios servers)?