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React Native

This covers the ayeT-Studios React Native Publisher SDK. This npm package is a wrapper for our web offerwall that allows effortless integration in react native apps.

Eligible Placement & AdSlot Combinations

The table below shows all Placement & AdSlot Type combinations that allow you to utilize the React Native SDK integration.
Placement Type
AdSlot Type
Eligible Integration Type
React Native SDK
If you integrate the React Native SDK while using a different Placement & AdSlot combination in the ayeT-Studios dashboard, you won't be able to initialize the Offerwall.

Getting Started

Before you start with the integration, make sure you have:
  • Created an Account
  • Added a Placement
  • Added an AdSlot
You will find more details here:
When working on multiple platforms, we recommend a single "Website" placement and a separate "Offerwall" adslot for each.
This allows better targeting, offer control and individual reporting and history & earnings for every user are available cross-platform:
  • One "Offerwall" adslot for your Website.
  • One "Offerwall" adslot for the associated React Native Android App.
  • One "Offerwall" adslot for the associated React Native iOS App.

Integration Docs

Example App

You can check out our example app here:
GitHub - ayetstudios/ayetstudios_react_native_sdk_demo
AyeT-Studios React Native SDK Example App

Conversion Callbacks & Currency Handling

Learn about:
  • Setting up callbacks
  • IP Whitelists
  • Securing callbacks using HMAC Security Hash
  • Testing callbacks
Click on the link below:
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