React Native

This covers the ayeT-Studios React Native Publisher SDK. This npm package is a wrapper for our web offerwall that allows effortless integration in react native apps.

Eligible Placement & AdSlot Combinations

The table below shows all Placement & AdSlot Type combinations that allow you to utilize the React Native SDK integration.

Placement TypeAdSlot TypeEligible Integration Type



React Native SDK

If you integrate the React Native SDK while using a different Placement & AdSlot combination in the ayeT-Studios dashboard, you won't be able to initialize the Offerwall.

Getting Started

Before you start with the integration, make sure you have:

You will find more details here:

🖥️Dashboard Setup

When working on multiple platforms, we recommend a single "Website" placement and a separate "Offerwall" adslot for each.

This allows better targeting, offer control and individual reporting and history & earnings for every user are available cross-platform:

  • One "Offerwall" adslot for your Website.

  • One "Offerwall" adslot for the associated React Native Android App.

  • One "Offerwall" adslot for the associated React Native iOS App.

Integration Docs

Example App

You can check out our example app here:

Conversion Callbacks & Currency Handling

Learn about:

  • Setting up callbacks

  • IP Whitelists

  • Securing callbacks using HMAC Security Hash

  • Testing callbacks

Click on the link below:

💡Callbacks & Testing

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