What counts as proof for completing and offer?

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What is meant with 'Proof' is evidence that you have completed the offer which helps us or the Advertiser to verify your eligibility.

Please, save all proof showing that you completed the offer to your records. This may include screenshots of your progress, welcome e-mails, payment receipts, registration, order numbers, invoices, etc. Each offer requires a certain type of proof based on the offer instructions.

Be sure to read the offer instructions so that valid proof is submitted.

Please review the offer instructions and the information below before submitting the required proof based on offer type:

1. Product/Service Purchase or Registration

  • If you purchased a product or service, please provide a screenshot of the confirmation email, billing invoice, or welcome email you received when you completed the offer. This will allow the Advertiser to look up your records and verify your eligibility.

2. App Download/Engagement

  • If you downloaded an app, please ensure you've run the app for at least 2 minutes and provide a screenshot of the app running on your device.

  • If you downloaded an app and completed an action, provide screenshots showing that you have completed the action.

You can find detailed instructions on how to submit a ticket with steps and screenshots below.

How can I submit a User Support Ticket for an Offerwall ad? 📖

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