What is an AdSlot?

An AdSlot is a combination of type of ad, integration and placement of the ad on your website or within your app.

There is a number of AdSlot Types that you can choose from, dependent on if you added an Android App, an iOS App or a Website. AdSlot Types include:

  • Offerwall

  • Rewarded Video

  • Native Offer Feed

  • Offerwall API

  • Static API

You can add 1+n AdSlots for each Placement you created, giving you the room to slice and dice setups within your App or on your Website.

The AdSlot ID is relevant for most of the integrations on the ayeT-Studios platform.

The beauty of AdSlots are that you can add n+1 AdSlots to for each of your Placements.

That way you can for example have two offerwalls within your Android App. Each Offerwall can then carry its own virtual currency and its own design.

You can also create more complex setups to run 10 or more offerwalls within your app, while aggregating data.

The same is true for Rewarded Video setups. You can for example add one Website and five AdSlots to have users unlock boosters for AdSlot 1, decrease waiting time for AdSlot 2 and get bonus coins for AdSlot 3.

Before creating an AdSlot, you have to create a Placement for your App or Website first.

Read more about how to create a Placement:

Creating a Placement

Once you have created your first Placement and AdSlot, you can easily add additional AdSlots to your placement.

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