The Flutter SDK allows you to easily monetize your app or website. Your users get access to our offerwall, allowing them to earn currency for completing offers.

This is a non-official Flutter SDK and is NOT supported by ayeT-Studios, but built by the community. You are integrating this SDK at your own risk.

Eligible Placement & AdSlot Combinations

The below table shows all Placement & AdSlot Type combinations that allow you to utilize the Flutter SDK integration.

Placement TypeAdSlot TypeEligibile Integration Type

Android App


Flutter SDK

iOS App


Flutter SDK



Flutter SDK

If you integrate the Flutter SDK while using a different Placement & AdSlot combination in the ayeT-Studios dashboard, you won't be able to initialize the Offerwall.

Getting Started

Before you start with the integration, make sure you:

You will find more details here:

🖥️pageDashboard Setup

You have to create separate placements and AdSlots for each platform you intend to build on.

  • Create one Placement and AdSlot for your Website.

  • Create one Placement and AdSlot for your Android App.

  • Create one Placement and AdSlot for your iOS App.

Flutter Package

Conversion Callbacks & Currency Handling

Learn about:

  • Setting up callbacks

  • IP Whitelists

  • Securing callbacks using HMAC Security Hash

  • Testing callbacks

Click on the link below:

💡pageCallbacks & Testing

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