Static API

The Static API is recommended only for special integrations, because not all campaigns are available without more sophisticated device match.

If integrated, it should be called each 15-30 minutes to make sure our campaigns are still available, did not run into daily caps or changed targeting / bid.

The "Static API key" for requests is adslot specific and available in the adslot details once approved by your account manager.

Eligible Placement & AdSlot Combinations

The table below shows all Placement & AdSlot Type combinations that allow you to utilize the Static API integration.

Placement TypeAdSlot TypeEligible Integration Type


Static API

Static API

Android App

Static API

Static API

iOS App

Static API

Static API

API / Network

Static API

Static API

If you integrate the Offerwall API while using a different Placement & AdSlot combination in the ayeT-Studios dashboard, you won't be able to make correct API requests.

Getting Started

Before you start with the integration, make sure you:

You will find more details here:

🖥️pageDashboard Setup

Technical Documentation: Static API

API calls return a list of currently running campaigns on our platform which suit your adslot configuration. Can be filtered by additional parameters.

Note: To pass custom parameters from clicks to conversion callbacks, the tracking_link parameter in offer objects can be extended with &custom_1=... to &custom_5=...

Follow the link below to get to the detailed technical documentation.

CPE Offer Status

If you also request Multi-Reward Offers (CPE Offers) to display them to your users, you can use the CPE Offer Status API to track user progress and build a user journey displaying completed and available tasks.

Follow the link to learn more about the CPE Offer Status API.

Conversion Callbacks & Currency Handling

Learn about:

  • Setting up callbacks

  • IP Whitelists

  • Securing callbacks using HMAC Security Hash

  • Testing callbacks

Click on the link below:

💡pageCallbacks & Testing

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