Get ads.txt

An ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) file is essential for ensuring transparency in digital advertising

Hosted on a publisher's server, it lists authorized sellers of ad inventory, preventing fraud by verifying legitimate transactions. This file safeguards both publishers and advertisers, instilling confidence in the ad buying process and maintaining the integrity of the advertising ecosystem.

Implementing and regularly updating an ads.txt file is a fundamental step in fostering a trustworthy and secure advertising environment.

This is a step by step documentation on how you can get and automatically keep your ads.txt lines updated with ayeT-Studios' platform.

1. Log into your Publisher account

2. Access Placement/Apps Settings

In the top right corner of the screen click on “Placements/Apps”

3. Edit Placement

Locate your rewarded video placement, and click on edit (right-hand side of the screen)

4. Get ads.txt

In the pop-up window, click on “ads.txt”

Two options to keep your ads.txt entries updated

You should update your ads.txt regularly, since ayeT-Studios might add new partners to sell your traffic for higher CPMs. If you don't update regularly, you might miss out on additional revenue opportunities.

You have two options to keep your ads.txt entries updated on your website:

Option A: Regular Manual Updates

  1. You can either download the entire ads.txt file

  2. Or you can copy the missing entries

You then have to manually add these lines to your ads.txt site on your domain.

Regular Manual Updates

Option B: Automated Updates / Permanent URL

You can use the Permanent URL option to automate keeping the ads.txt entries on your site updated.

Recommened: Using the Permanent URL ensures that you don't have to regularly check on new entries or inform your tech team to update the ads.txt entries regularly.

Tell your tech to write a few linkes of code to e.g. crawl the permanent URL once a day to search for updated ads.txt entries. Once you fetch changes, automaically update the ads.txt entries on your website.

For more information on the API integration please go to the following link:

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