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Offerwall API

The Offerwall API provides a solution for publishers who want to include an Offerwall in their application/website but have control over the presentation of the offers.

Eligible Placement & AdSlot Combinations

The table below shows all Placement & AdSlot Type combinations that allow you to utilize the Offerwall API integration.
Placement Type
AdSlot Type
Eligible Integration Type
Android App
Offerwall API
Offerwall API
iOS App
Offerwall API
Offerwall API
Offerwall API
Offerwall API
If you integrate the Offerwall API while using a different Placement & AdSlot combination in the ayeT-Studios dashboard, you won't be able to make correct API requests.

Getting Started

Before you start with the integration, make sure you:
  • Created an Account
  • Added a Placement
  • Added an AdSlot
You will find more details here:

Technical Offerwall API Documentation

For API Calls, all offers matching the parameters provided will be returned and can be displayed to the user.
The Offerwall API supports both server and client-side calls.
Follow the link below to get to the detailed technical documentation.

Conversion Callbacks & Currency Handling

Learn about:
  • Setting up callbacks
  • IP Whitelists
  • Securing callbacks using HMAC Security Hash
  • Testing callbacks
Click on the link below: